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Black, White, and Pink


Heading to a chic event?  Well then this is the outfit for you!  I was off to the Promises to Kids event hosted by Jimmy Choo to support foster children of San Diego.  Incredible charity to get involved with.  Click here to learn more.

I needed a fashion forward look that kept a professional feel.  I knew clients of mine would be attending this event so I layered on as much as I could to be my own walking billboard. lol.  Blush is just melting my heart this season.  I’m more and more drawn to blush pink as a neutral color that compliments EVERY hue!  I had this pencil skirt and crop top already in mind but didn’t really know what jacket to wear.  I’m not one who does “conservative” too well but I definitely know how to keep it classy.  Thankfully this beautiful lace/ leather combo jacket arrived  this afternoon so I tried it.  I love the way the jacket made the outfit!  Naturally, I rocked the heck out of it and grabbed a blush pink clutch to compliment the soft undertones in the jacket.  I was really feeling my new Gucci Ursula pumps but thought It would be offensive to not wear something to support the brand endorsing the event.  I changed into a white strappy Jimmy Choo pump and was off to shop for a cause!



the champagne blondebcbg-jacketshoesbcbg spring 2014 the champagne blonde black white and pinkbcbgbcbg2

Jacket: BCBG / Skirt: Black Halo / Top: BCBG / Clutch: BCBG / Shoes: Gucci / Cuff: BCBG / Shades: Blended Industries

Model Behavior



When are we not obsessed with Kate Moss?  Um, NEVER!  We just got in this mega-babe tee with Kate Moss’ beautiful face screen printed right onto it.  Because graphic tees are the rage right now and Kate Moss is always the rage, this graphic tee did right by me.  I was heading to see One Republic and The Script in concert and wanted a rocker hip swag with a concert cool feel.  We had bad ass seats, front and almost center, ahem, not that I’m bragging… Did I say front and almost center. Ok, so my point is, who sits when you have such good seats?  Not me, I’m jamming and dancing to the tunes all night, thank you very much!  As any smart fashionable girl would do, I wore my two toned Balenciaga wedges because heels are trying too hard and who wants to wear heels for hours at a concert… Only silly girls. GROUPIES!

Alright, besides my graphic tee I rocked some seriously distressed denim and layered my favorite designer leather jacket.  I have to touch on the jacket.  It was one of my first like, hip, designer pieces my mom got for me in New York when I was 15.  Ya, I’ve had it since I was 15 and because fashion repeats itself every 15-20 years, it’s now hip and I’m now OLD. Cool….  So, A big hell yes for this black and white paneled leather jacket.  I think I like it more now than I did when I first got it.

To complete my black and white style, I wore some green-mirrored sunnies and accessorized with some mixed metal jewelry.

FYI:  If you haven’t seen these guys in concert yet, you are truly missing out.  Incredible performance by both bands.  Check out their latest album on Itunes.

Peace babes.


Resort-Ready in Noemii

resort-readyVacay ready in this sizzling summer cover-up by Noemii.  Everyone went gaga over this beauty!  The leaf silk print is eye catching with its various bold hues of green and turquoise.  I decided this summer to pick vibrant colors to compliment my skin tone.  Shades of green are universal when it comes to who can wear this sharp hue.  Emerald green in particular is such a statement, rich color that compliments every hair and skin tone known to man!

If you are traveling to an exotic Island or sitting poolside at a luxurious resort, an absolute MUST-HAVE is a chic cover up.  Wheather your preference is a transparent silk kimono or a flowy kaftan, definitely stock up on these easy to wear, throw on and go cover-ups.  Dressing up your hottie-tottie bikini is a nice way to show your sophistication without looking like you’re trying too hard.    Make your beach babe style effortless and attainable.  Don’t be that girl in sky high loubis, full face of make-up and perfectly polished hair, you look silly.  Opt for an Au naturel look.  A fresh face and effortless style its much more appealing to your guy and onlookers.  TRUST ME!

Ok, so let me get back on track.. I’m sharing a fabulous brand find with you guys so if you haven’t yet, PAY ATTENTION and check out Noemii Resort wear.  London based and out of this world, Noemii, found the perfect way to combine a lifestyle into a brand.  The luxe fabrication and artistic prints are sure to stand out amongst the trendsetting crowd.  I’ve already brought mine poolside in Morocco, beaching in Florida and she’s packed for my trip to Cancun!  This will be a summer staple and a travel essential for my warm weather vacays this holiday.

Cheers Babes!



Orange Crush


Finally a day off!  It’s been a hectic week!  Better to be busy than not.  So anyyyways!  Today was jam packed with errands.  Since I knew I’d be running around all day I went for a casual cool style.  My can’t-miss-me sneaks were a must.  I’m so in love with orange this season its redic.  Find your favorite pop of color and wear it all season long.  Another favorite of mine, a basic, ultra-soft cotton tee and some denim shorts.  It was a little breezy so I layered on an army jacket and my statement necklace from Morocco.

This year fashion has been layer crazy.  Any chance I get, I layer my looks.  Currently crop top crazed w/ a high waisted skirt but need something a little more conservative around my clients.  I have been layering lightweight jackets and bold jewelry to throw the focus off my midriff and onto my outfit.  For fall, I’m all about sporting an edgy rocker feel. Try leather pants, a black cotton tee and layer a flannel.  Cheers to the weekend!

Peace Babes <3



orange crush