Cancun Continued…

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Welcome to Playa Mujeres, Cancun!  This beautiful jungle looking at Isla Mujeres is filled with lush landscape, wildlife, white sand beaches and, oh wait did I mention the crystal clear water?? Ok, so clearly Im OBSESSED with Cancun.

I’m a first timer here, so I really wanted to play tourist.  We hopped in a golf cart and road around the property.  First stop, a mini zoo.  I made friends with a group of great green Macaws.  Their radiant colors were incredible and very well mannered.  These adorable monkeys were so sweet.  Reaching out to hold our hand through the fence, they were just the cutest!  We went coco hunting, in search of crocodiles.  We found a couple massive freakin creatures, but lets be serious, I’m not going to chance getting close enough to snap a photo.  Sorry guys, coco hunt at your own risk!

Finished off the day with a delicious margarita and planned for Isla Mujeres, mañana!


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What would Cancun be like without a delicious margarita?? Probably really boring.  The trick to a tasty rita… The chili salt around the rim.  Don’t blame me for your hangover the next morning.  Yes, that good!

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