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Fierce in Fuschia


What a way to kick off the summer!  Did everyone have an amazing fourth?!  I stayed local and I’m so happy I did. La Jolla was beautiful, packed with pretty people and a whole lot of red, white N’ blue. With a holiday weekend comes busy, long days, which I wouldn’t trade for the world!!!  But, boy am I excited for a little RnR.

I’m heading for Cancun this week and cannot wait to lounge pool side, work on my tan with a cocktail in hand!  In the mean time, I had to take advantage of this incredible July weather.   La Valencia is one of my fave places to chill and have a stay-cation.  I decided to meet girlfriends for a little cocktail hour and to watch the sunset.

Because it’s impossible to beat the heat, I decided to wear an easy breezy romper.  I’m obsessing over fuchsia right now.  It’s such an inviting color.  Paired with a neutral hue, this fuchsia combo screams “take me somewhere haute!”  Ok, so apart from my crush on fuchsia, I have been mixing my handbags and shoes to purposely NOT match.  Try a busy multi colored bag.  Pick a color in the bag, even if its extremely faint and match your shoes with it.  As you can see, my clutch wasn’t what you would expect.  I played on the faint blush hue in the bag to match my nude pumps and compliment the undertone in my romper.  I completed my look with a silver bangle to match my silver bag.  Now, cocktail time!  Wahoo.



Romper: Karina Grimaldi / Shoes: Christian Louboutin / Clutch: BCBG / Cuff: Skova

Black and Yellow in RVN and Zara

YB-COVERIf there’s one color I’m crazy about this Summer, it’s yellow!  The high vibration energy yields a head turning effect.  Some of you may think I look like a bumble bee, a super hip bumble bee of course… But hear me out.  I wanted to try something new.  Since black and white has become the new “black”, I opted for something edgy.  This two toned chevron fit-n-flare dress was perfect for cocktail hour, followed by dinner with friends.  Because it just wouldn’t be “me” if I didn’t try something new, I luckily had the most perfect, LOUD, (busy is an understatement) heels that I just HAD to wear.

Zara has been on point lately.  The heavy high fashion influence has been killing it. Especially in women’s shoes.  So, I just gave up my big secret, the shoes are ZARA.  I know, you’re shocked.  I was too when I slipped them on my feet.  As I have preached before, there is nothing that says style more, than being able to pull off a budget babe look by mixing your highs with your lows.  Not everything has to be designer. Because, well, we can’t all afford designer.  So, Zara will do just fabulous in the meantime.

Ok, you are probably wondering how I rocked such a chaotic and overstated look in San Diego.  Simple folks, It’s better to be over-dressed than under-dressed.  I leave the door with the intent to be my own walking billboard.  Which in return will hopefully encourage my readers and clients to try new things.  Remember, fashion is a reflection of you.  There aren’t any rules. I may have a few VERY STRONG opinions, but there aren’t any rules.  Just remember, whatever you wear, wear it with confidence!

Ciao Babes, Im late for my cocktail! xo


black yellow

**Side note about jacquard and chevron prints**

Certain jacquard can be heavy and bunch at times.  Make sure you size down.. There’s an abundance of lycra in the fabrication which causes the dress to naturally stretch out.  Also, chevron prints can be a bit much.  To break up the busyness, try a solid blazer that compliments the color way in your outfit.  You can also accessorize by choosing a dominant color in the dress and pair it with a matching handbag and pumps.





Dress: RVN / Shoes: Zara / Bag: Chanel / Bracelets: JNB Style / Sunnies: Blended Industries

Black, White, and Pink


Heading to a chic event?  Well then this is the outfit for you!  I was off to the Promises to Kids event hosted by Jimmy Choo to support foster children of San Diego.  Incredible charity to get involved with.  Click here to learn more.

I needed a fashion forward look that kept a professional feel.  I knew clients of mine would be attending this event so I layered on as much as I could to be my own walking billboard. lol.  Blush is just melting my heart this season.  I’m more and more drawn to blush pink as a neutral color that compliments EVERY hue!  I had this pencil skirt and crop top already in mind but didn’t really know what jacket to wear.  I’m not one who does “conservative” too well but I definitely know how to keep it classy.  Thankfully this beautiful lace/ leather combo jacket arrived  this afternoon so I tried it.  I love the way the jacket made the outfit!  Naturally, I rocked the heck out of it and grabbed a blush pink clutch to compliment the soft undertones in the jacket.  I was really feeling my new Gucci Ursula pumps but thought It would be offensive to not wear something to support the brand endorsing the event.  I changed into a white strappy Jimmy Choo pump and was off to shop for a cause!



the champagne blondebcbg-jacketshoesbcbg spring 2014 the champagne blonde black white and pinkbcbgbcbg2

Jacket: BCBG / Skirt: Black Halo / Top: BCBG / Clutch: BCBG / Shoes: Gucci / Cuff: BCBG / Shades: Blended Industries