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Cheers from Morocco!


Ciao from Marrakech, Morocco!  WOW what a city!  My first outing was to the famous Souk market in the heart of the city.  The Souk was filled with interesting things from fresh food, hidden treasures, true pieces of art and the obvious cheap tourist junk. I’d have to say I was most intrigued by the antique and hand made doors.  The detail and design was exquisite.  While strolling through the souk we came across a beautiful restaurant in the middle of a Riad.  The garden and architecture kept me awe stuck until the food arrived, haha.  I went for a traditional Moroccan dish, a Lamb Tagine.  It was very good I must say, different but very good.



Prior to leaving the Souk I found a small factory where Galliano has had some scarves produced.  The Pashmina scarves rich in color and tasteful designs were a must to bring back to my store.  In addition to the scarves, nicely crafted Berber jewelry was another purchase I couldn’t pass up.



Being a Muslim country, I highly advise a proper dress code EVERYWHERE you go.  Not because it’s enforced but out of respect for the culture.  The Souk is a very cultural landmark to visit in Marrakech and even in the hot heat I discovered a lightweight silk dress.  Long sleeves are preferred in my opinion and most definitely nothing shorter than knee length.


Final stop of the day The Majorelle Garden.   Famously owned by Yves Saint-Laurent.   A lush botanical garden filled with a variety of vegetation, warm energy and a story of a fashion icon, and his love of beauty & art.



Since I had planned to be a tourist and truly explore Marrakech, I wore my white leather gladiator sandals, a lightweight silk dress and my Hermés shoulder bag for a comfortable, cool look.  Tomorrow’s agenda: sitting poolside while soaking up some Desert sun!


Ciao Babes!

Flower Crown Tutorial with Selma


Hello coachella baby!!!!  I rarely dress boho or carefree just because It’s not really my style and it’s not practical toshow up to see clients in a crop top and cut off daisy dukes.   HOWEVER, when festival season hits, you bet your sweet Lana Del Rey I’m rocking a beautiful kimono and a pair of Ozzy Osbourne inspired shades for as long as I can!  Since I am just as confused as the next hippy wanna-be, I thought I should learn how to make a groovy flower crown and teach you Do-it-yourselfers how to make your own coachella crown.  Ok, so my bestie Selma Alameri and I teamed up with Adelaides in La Jolla to trick out a serious piece of head swag.  In case step by step pics don’t cut it, we are giving you our first EVER YouTube video tutorial on DIY flower crowns. Check it out! Flower Crown Tutorial

Now, for the fashion…. Selma has a little bit more of a safe style so she wore a pleated neutral maxi, long boho necklace, big heart sunnies and a beautiful braid tied into a messy bun.  She wore ankle white gladiator flats because we all know rule #1 about Coachella fashion= No High Heels!  We’re here to jam to the tunes and check out the fashion, not to irrigate the lawn.

My Coachella clad look consisted of a pair of rolled hudson shorts, a for love and lemons velvet oxblood paisley top, an oversized scalloped hem kimono and black gladiator flats.  Oh, and don’t forget my ozzy shades.  I accessorized with my hottie tottie jewelry designer friend Skova accessories.


Inspired yet?  Keep checking back this week for our top Coachella outfit picks.  Get excited, SUPER excited! We got creative babes! Hope you enjoy the tutorial as much as we did!

Peace, Love, and a big fat KISS!

– Summer + Selma



PREP: Get your tools and materials! You will need a handful of selected flowers, pipe cleaners, wire cutters/pliers, heavy rustic floral wire for the base, floral tape (green) to attach the flowers, scissors, and floral glue (optional) .


STEP 1:  Take 1 of your pipe cleaners and make a loop at the end, then secure by twisting it at the base of the loop

STEP 2: Take another pipe cleaner and twist it to the un-looped end of the other pipe cleaner. Wrap it around your head to make sure the size is right. I would suggest making it a little bigger because the flowers add extra width.

STEP 3:  Take a large piece of wire and start at the base of the looped pipe cleaner and wrap around several times to secure. Now you’re ready for the fun part!

STEP 4:  Begin cutting and arranging your flowers. Decide the general placement of the flowers before you secure them with the floral wire.  Start from the back and begin working forward.  Take your thin green floral wire and secure each flower into place by wrapping tightly around the base several times. (For larger flowers use floral tape for extra hold)


STEP 5:  Continue by repeated the process of step four until you reach your desired length.  The arrangement of flowers doesn’t have to be perfect. There is no “right way” to arrange them.. so have fun with it and find your own style. You can even just do 3/4 of the crown and wrap the rest with ribbon or hide the remaining wire/pipe cleaner with your hair. 


STEP 6:  Pull the end of the pipe cleaner through the loop and secure by twisting the end back around itself. Wrap the remaining floral wire around the connected pipe cleaners several times to reinforce the back. (You can even use floral tape) Trim the wire after you’ve wrapped the ends. You may have to shape the crown a bit so it fits just how you like it…. and there you have it – Your custom-made Coachella-ready flower crown!! 



**SPECIAL THANKS TO Craig and everyone from Adelaide’s for helping us out with this tutorial!** (If you are in the La Jolla area, check them out! They are super helpful there and have the most beautiful flower shop!  7766 Girard Ave, La Jolla, CA 92037)