Summer Vacay Essentials!!

These travel essentials have and always will be my go-to for any Summer vacay.
1.  SPF is a MUST!!  Yes, I said it.   Sun is so bad for you and we are all in denial.  When you’re 60 you’ll realize real quick how important a little sunblock is for the radiance of your skin.  So, beauty secret #1 of mine…. drum ROLL… Tinted moisturizer with SPF!!!! Yes, its my life savor.  Oddly enough this stuff stays on whether you sweat or swim.  I live by one certain brand that I swear by.  Laura Mercier in non oily because my skin is oilier than most.  It comes in an array of shades so you can look tan without tanning your face and protect it with the built in SPF.  There is a natural glow to this moisturizer as well.  Try it, you will thank me later!
2.  Because I just gave you the SPF lecture of the year, here goes another one of mine.  SPF IN your lipstick ladies!!!  Keep those pouty lips hydrated and sun proof the heck out of them.  I currently use eos spf lip sphere but sometimes a little colour never hurts.  Yves Saint Laurent is my go to lipstick.  There is a built in SPF so you protect while wearing your favorite shade.  YSL can be on the pricier side so check out cover girl as a second option.  Don’t forget to search for the SPF on the tube!
3. What would a summer vacay be like without some statement sunnies??  Im really getting over the reflective colored aviators.  Search for something new.  I recently came across some all wood framed sunnies.  They are super lightweight, edgy and trend worthy!!
4.  Statement sandals are a MUST!!!  Whyyyy you might ask?  Because lets face it, you’re not going to prance around in your loubis while sightseeing in the jungle.  Get a cool pair of sandals you can dress up or down.  Holidays are meant to be spent sightseeing and exploring.  Make sure you’re wearing something comfortable.  That doesn’t mean you have to jeopardize your style, just be practical people!  Im currently crazy for these Balenciaga sandals.  They just do it for me.  For a less pricey option, Sam Edelman has a budget friendly, ultra fashionable sandal sure to please your fashion focused eyes.
5.  Last but most certainly not least… A bombshell bikini!!  Chances are, if you are going anywhere for your summer holiday, you’re going somewhere hot.  Unless you go to Antarctica and chill in an igloo which sorry, I’m not sorry, you’re weird.  So!  Bombshell bikini.  If you’re going to rock a bikini, make it haute.  Give your onlookers something worth looking at!
Cheers babes, hope these vacay essentials find their way in your suitcase for your next trip!

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